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  • Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts, is now available from this website,,, and many other internet sites including that of my publisher Tate Publishing. Bookstores stocking it include Deseret Book (Bountiful) Eborn Books (Salt Lake City, Sandy, Provo, and Ogden); Wisebird Bookery (Ogden); Hastings Entertainment (Ogden and Logan); Barnes & Noble (Bountiful and Sugarhouse); Main Street Books (Cedar City); The Book Garden (Bountiful); Pioneer Books (Provo); Benchmark Books (Salt Lake City); Golden Braid (Salt Lake City); The Book Table (Logan); The Book Plaza (Burley); The Book Store (Rupert), Bell’s Family Books, (Twin Falls), and many others around the world.
  • eBook downloads are now available on Amazon and B& and this site: click Order Now.
  • Libraries around the country now have the book. If it isn’t yet available at your local library, please contact them and ask if they’ll order a copy, or see if they can get it by inter-library lending.
  • A hardbound edition should be available by year-end 2014.


  • Prometheus Tree WPN 114. Believed to have been the oldest living thing on earth when it was cut down in 1964. Were all of its 4,862 growth rings “annual rings”? Did it survive Noah’s Flood?
  • Tree-Ring Dating and Bible Chronology. Tree-ring dating seems so simple and straight-forward. How sound is it really–especially when some of the date-estimations it produces are in conflict with Bible Chronology? It seems that we’ve all heard that trees grow “annual rings” but how many have heard that some treesĀ  grow more than one ring in some years, or that some grow partial rings?
  • Accelerated Debt-Reduction Plans. Many claim to be able to get people out of debt quickly. Some of those claims are fraudulent, and others are just expensive ways of doing what you can do for free. Sound accelerated debt-reduction plans involve: (1) Extra principal payments (whether bi-weekly or monthly). (2) Reducing spending and/or increasing income (but for most people, increases in income are accompanied by increases in spending).
  • Marriage: Tips for having a happy marriage. A collection of wisdom from various sources which have helped my marriage to be a wonderfully happy one.
  • Bible Chronology (an Excel file of worksheets of compiled information on Bible chronology).
  • Food Storage Shelf Plans (Excel file). Designed for canned goods. Front load, front unload.
  • Quilting Frame Plans: Ivan Nelson’s very simple quilting frame design.
  • Personal Management Merit Badge (BSA). PowerPoint slideshow and handout for teaching and/or learning the requirements of the merit badge.
  • William and Jane Barker of Shelfanger, Norfolk, England ~1759-1829. Much confusion and misinformation has been passed around about this couple. What was Jane’s maiden name, and who were William’s parents? There is compelling evidence that the very popular connection between William and Stephen Barker and Judith Wragg of Burston, is wrong–especially if Jane was really Jane Knowles, as popularly supposed.






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  1. David
    Nov 7 2014


    Thanks for the nice comments. If you wouldn’t mind posting your remarks on the book’s Amazon page, that would be helpful to other readers. (


  2. Kirt Nelson
    Nov 5 2014

    I tend not to finish books. However, with yours, I had no problem. Very well done. I was captivated by your conclusions and felt intellectually well fed. My faith has been strengthened through your efforts.

  3. Aug 16 2014

    I write a newspaper column and would like to talk with you about your instructive book,, as I am writing on a related topic and believe you can help me. I would appreciate it if you would please contact me at my email address as listed above ASAP. Thank you!

  4. David
    Sep 17 2013

    By all means let’s do. I’ll be very interested in any comments on the book you are willing to share, as well as any other topics.

  5. Alan Lacey
    Aug 29 2013

    It’s great to see you are pursuing ever-interesting topics. I would like to keep in touch with you in the future. alan

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