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Barker Genealogy

Barker Genealogy:

  • William and Jane Barker of Shelfanger, Norfolk, England ~1759-1829. A 36-page Research Report: Trying to establish which William & which Jane are really my ancestors.
  • Stephen Barker and Judith Wragg of Burston. Updated 12/1/12. A 9-page Research Report showing evidence demonstrating almost certainly that William Barker, son of Stephen Barker & Judith (Wragg) Barker Christened in 1761 is not the William who married Jane Knowles and raised their family in Shelfanger—as has been supposed for decades.
  • Barker Census Lists. A list of resources available at the FHL & on for census records in the US 1850+ as well as some of the data I’ve collected.
  • Barker Spreads by Name. Sample ViewExcel worksheet download. An Excel file which contains a series of worksheets used in trying to distinguish family relationships based on data obtained from parish records. Names include: Barker, Parker, Knowles, Betts, Ellis, Farrow, Muriel, Newey, Saunders, Welland, & Wragg.
  • Barker Spreads by Parish. Sample View 2. Excel worksheet 2 download. A series of Excel worksheets used in trying to distinguish family relationships from data obtained from parish records. Parishes include: Bressingham, Burston, Buckenham, Bunwell, Dickleburgh, Diss, Eye, Forncett St. Peter, Great Dunham, Monk Soham, Norwich, Shelfanger, Shropham, Stanton, Swaffham, Tibenham, Winfarthing, Wendling, Welney, Wortham, Wymondham, Yaxley, & Yelverton.
  • Barker, Frederick Ellis 1861-1922. Marriage & Census records for Frederick Ellis Barker.
  • The Immigrant Barkers. An 11-page transcription of a paper by Helen U. Hansen regarding the descendents of William & Jane Barker of Shelfanger, Norfolk, England who emigrated to the US.
  • Wills Summaries. A 22-page list showing key details obtained from wills and admons searched. It includes people named in the documents, and when specified, their relationships, etc. Names include: Barker, Betts, Ellis, Garrard, Knowles, Murrell, Poacher, Saunders, and Welland.
  • Wills & Admons searches. A 42-page list of indexed wills found at the Family History Library in SLC. I’ve used it to try to keep track of which wills and admons I’ve looked at and which might be promising prospects in searching for relatives with the surnames of Barker, Parker, Knowles, and Ellis.