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British Parish Records Extracts. In order to try to keep track of my genealogical research I decided I had to write down which parish records I’d searched, and what I found–to avoid duplicating efforts. Names searched: Barker, Parker, Knowles, Gerard, Ellis.

Calendar Change in 1752. Many doing genealogical research have not yet learned that there was a significant calendar change in 1752 in Britain and its colonies.

British History Tidbits. A collection of historical tidbits found in British History.

Parishes within 20 miles of Diss, Norfolk, England

Wills, Probates (called Administrations or admons) indexes & summaries:

  •  Wills Summaries. A 22-page list showing key details obtained from wills and admons searched. It includes people named in the documents, and when specified, their relationships, etc. Names include: Barker, Betts, Ellis, Garrard, Knowles, Murrell, Poacher, Saunders, and Welland.
  • Wills & Admons searches. A 42-page record of indexed wills found at the FHL I’ve used it to try to keep track of which wills and admons I’ve looked at and which might be promising prospects in searching for relatives with the surnames of Barker, Parker, Knowles, and Ellis.


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