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About the Author

Photo 5. At the GBNP Visitor’s Center: David Barker making digital micro-photos of the Prometheus slab. (Photo by Darlene Barker.)

David M. Barker taking micro-photos of the Prometheus slab at Great Basin National Park.

David McKay Barker was born in Salt Lake City, and currently resides in Utah.

Graduated from Arizona State University in Business, and also enjoyed classes in:

Archaeology of Mesoamerica, Astronomy, Biology. Chemistry, Communications. The Talmud, Writing (non-fiction)

Career: Bank Examiner, Consumer Credit Specialist, and C.P.A. (now retired).

After more than 40-years of spare-time study on the subject, his first book was published October 22, 2013. Other publications: articles in the periodicals of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop, and Chronology & Catastrophism Review.

He enjoys learning and sharing, and has taught numerous classes and larger groups on:

  • Conflicts Between Science and Religion
  • Early Scriptural Texts
  • Gospel Subjects
  • Avoiding Frauds, Scams, and other Financial Problems
  • Debt: Get out and Stay Out
  • Money Talks: If You Aren’t Careful, It Just Says “Goodby”
  • Personal Management Merit Badge (Boy Scouts of America)

He welcomes comments and requests:

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