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Brief Synopsis of Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts

How much of science is fact, and how much is theory? What constitutes proof? Why do scientific methods give so many dates that contradict Bible chronology? Why do so many scientists say Noah’s Flood was just a myth? Why do people claim that their loss of faith was due to scientific “enlightenment”? These and related questions have led to more than 40 years of research—which, in turn, has led to promising possibilities for reconciling some of the conflicts between science and religion.

 Truth is truth—no matter the source. Sorting it out from the vast amount of information pouring in every day is an unending task. This book, Science and Religion, is written to be clear and understandable—even to non-scientists, and it opens up ideas that most people have not yet explored. It includes summaries of some lesser-known scientific theories which are more consistent with accounts described in the Bible. The author has taken a rather literal approach to the scriptures and related sources, and shares his findings without making dogmatic pronouncements.

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