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Reviewer Comments

The following quotes are from comments made by people who reviewed the manuscript of Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts prior to publication.

  • “David Barker has written a book in which he examines biblical accounts in light of current research theories.  Many conventional scientists might be unsympathetic, but some of the questions he asks and the suggestions he proposes are thought-provoking and well worth pondering.” —Noel L. Owen, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, PhD

  • “Your research and your data is so detailed and intelligent that it brings about each point in a very ‘hard to disprove’ manner… This was one of those books that stays with you and makes you really think long after you put it downThis was an excellent book on every level.” (Note: the author of this comment did not wish to be identified due to her employment status.)

  • “It’s quite a gem—both, so well researched in breadth and depth, and so well written that it carries the reader along. I found myself wishing there was more to savor on a particular subject, and yet champing at the bit to get on to the next…. The tone and logical augmentation of your entire book flows beautifully…. you weren’t overbearing or off-setting…. I laughed out loud several times at mild jabs which pointed out unsupportable reliances…. You as an author have been even-handed, thoughtful, and logically honest…. You have written an extremely well thought out, researched, and crafted book.” —Ken Barker, Ed.D.
  • “Everything’s well written. . . . I liked it all and it is very informative.” —John Richey, high school student.
  • “I think it is important to show both sides of an ‘argument.’ You did a good job of showing, even with your strong beliefs, that believers have erred and do err.  —Douglas Horne, young adult.
  • “It has made me realize that I need to be much more cautious about accepting contemporary thought. Specifically the points made regarding carbon dating, and uniformism have impacted me a lot. . . . I find his writing style easy to follow and understand.”             —Tyler Knowlton, BS Engineering, RN
  • “You have a lot of very interesting insights and tie ideas together really well.” –Mark Jaster, former NASA engineer.
  • “Some of your ideas were so amazing I had to share them with the family…. It is good enough to be published as a textbook…. I found that each chapter got more and more interesting as the book progressed…. You make so many great points. This really is a needed book.” –Rebecca Birkin, JD.
  • “Interesting! Well documented. Thought Provoking.” Bob Burton, JD
  • “Almost thou persuadest me.” –W. Marvin Tuddenham, Chemist, Ph.D Fuel Technology.
  • What do you do when you repeatedly read and hear your strongly held personal beliefs not only disputed but ridiculed and belittled?… David Barker, a devout Christian,… believes and accepts the scriptural accounts of creation. But everywhere he turns, he encounters those of the “scientific community” who discount his strongly held beliefs as mere nonsense….

    Although not specifically schooled in science, he has…. discovered numerous sources that demonstrate that much of the “scientific data” is itself based on assumptions, [and] estimates,…

    Through exhaustive research he has found facts and data that raise serious doubts about the supposed facts and data so many accept without question…. Undoubtedly, this work will be dismissed by “experts,” but if judged in a court of law, it would have to be conceded that he has certainly “raised considerable doubt” about the validity of many scientific conclusions.

     Those who share his beliefs especially will find this work rewarding. It will help counter the continuing barrage of criticism of religious belief and testimony.

    —Dale O Zabriskie, former President of the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations, and the Utah Broadcasters Association, founder of Zabriskie & Associates public relations firm.

  • His writing represents decades of in-depth, profound research. In reality, it’s . . . a veritable gold mine of information in its field! His focus is to provide rational explanations concerning wide differences between common scientific assumptions concerning earth’s origins and age, as contrasted with explanations based on scriptural passages.

    His career experiences as a bank examiner have helped him spot numerous unsupportable assumptions, and weaknesses in logic and methodology, in presentations on both sides of the science vs. religion aisle. He repeatedly asks questions which cause one to ponder the validity of various interpretations and theories. The reader is led to look . . . [toward] identifying what actually is fact and what actually is correct and well-documented. . . .

    He has been willing to allow the questions he raises to speak for themselves rather than constantly insert his own opinions. The result is that he has written an understandable, faith-promoting book. It provides numerous evidences and bases for personal testimonies for many who wrestle with science vs. religion issues. His research is so deep, and the quotations he incorporates are so on-target and meaningful that this book will stand as a major bulwark in its field for years to come.”

    —Duane S. Crowther, author, editor, and publisher.

  • I enjoy reading your book. It is opening a new view of science for me. My husband asks me: “What new did you read today from that book?” I like how easy I can follow your thoughts in the book. I really like what you said about stars. One person who sees them will say that God does not exist, when another will say there is a God after seeing the same stars. I have never thought about it in this way, but it is really true.  –Tetiana, Ukraine
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  1. James R. Allred
    Apr 24 2014

    Having obtained a copy of Mr. Barkers book I found it necessary to check out another from the library because my wife immediately monopolized the first copy. We have enjoyed discussing the points Mr. Barker brings up.

    As has been noted Mr. Barker presents information and lets the readers form their own conclusions.
    James R. Allred Science fiction and Fantasy writer.

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